Open Zaak Documentation

Open Zaak is a modern, open-source data- and services-layer to enable zaakgericht werken, a Dutch alternative to case management. Open Zaak offers structured data storage and services that implement the VNG standards for “API’s voor Zaakgericht werken” in line with the Common Ground model.

Getting Started

To get you started, you might find some of these links relevant:

  • New to Open Zaak? Have a look at the Introduction

  • New to the VNG standards for “API’s voor Zaakgericht werken”? Read up on the API-specifications.

  • Want to get started with Open Zaak yourself? See Installation.

  • Want to configure or manage data in Open Zaak? Read the Manual.

  • Need help with Open Zaak? Contact Support.

  • Are you a developer? Head over to Development!

Open Zaak is and only uses Open-source.