Open Zaak is a modern, open-source data- and services-layer to enable zaakgericht werken, a Dutch alternative to case management. Open Zaak offers structured data storage and services that implement the VNG standards for “API’s voor Zaakgericht werken” in line with the Common Ground model.

Open Zaak exposes several API’s to store and retrieve data:

  • Zaken API (case instances)

  • Documenten API (documents)

  • Catalogi API (case types)

  • Besluiten API (decisions)

  • Autorisaties API (authorizations)

The Notificaties API is required for Open Zaak to work but is available as a separate package, Open Notificaties.

Open Zaak is based on the API reference implementations by VNG Realisatie to create a production-grade product that can be used by municipalities.