Post-install checklist

After Open Zaak has been installed successfully, go through the following checklist to see if the software works as expected:

Check configuration

Check the configuration page for Open Zaak, accessible at the url This page will indicate whether certain settings are properly configured:

Open Zaak config page

Run check management commands

To verify that notifications can be received by the URL as defined in the configuration, send a test notification using the following command:


Ensure that the background workers are running.

python src/ send_test_notification


The notification is sent to the test channel - make sure it exists in the Notificaties API you’re using!

Run the Postman collection

Finally, run a simple Postman collection on the new install of Open Zaak:

  • Create an Applicatie with superuser permissions via the admin

  • A simple Postman collection has been published here, click on the Run in Postman button in the top right.

  • Once the collection is loaded into Postman, click the icon in the top right to manage environments:

Manage postman environments
  • Then click Add, enter the correct environment variables, then click Update:

Create a postman environment
  • Click on the Runner button in the top left of the screen, then select the imported collection and the created environment and click Run

Postman collection runner
  • If Open Zaak is properly configured, the tests will pass

Postman collection runner results