Updating an Open Zaak installation

Software receives new features and bugfixes all the time, and Open Zaak is no different. At some point, you’ll want to update to a newer version of Open Zaak - be it a patch version with bugfixes or a feature release to upgrade to.

Before you actually upgrade, we strongly advise you to take a look at the Changelog to spot any breaking changes or required manual interventions.


We always recommend you to have taken and tested your backups in case something goes wrong, BEFORE performing any updates.


We encourage having multiple environments such as staging and production, completely isolated from each other. This allows you to test out the update on a staging environment to check if anything goes wrong, without affecting production.

The update instructions are split per target environment.

Updating on Kubernetes

See Updating an Open Zaak installation using Ansible for the update instructions on Kubernetes.

Updating a single server installation

See the steps on how to update a single server installation.