Command Line Interface (CLI)

Open Zaak ships with a command line interface accessible inside of the containers.

To get more information about a command, you can run:

$ python src/ <command> --help

Available commands


Creates an initial superuser with the specified username and e-mail address.

The password can be provided upfront with the --password CLI argument, or by using the DJANGO_SUPERUSER_PASSWORD environment variable. Additionally, with --generate-password a password can be generated and e-mailed to the specified e-mail address. Note that this requires your e-mail configuration to be set up correctly (any of the EMAIL_* envvars)!


A CLI alternative to the point-and-click configuration in the admin interface.

This command is idempotent and can be run as part of your CI/CD workflow if desired. Please check the command documentation for more details.


After configuring the Notificaties API, send a test nofification to verify the setup.


Registers notification channels with the notifications API that don’t exist yet. Channels must exist before Open Zaak can publish notifications to them.